About Spanish Conversation Club

For people around the world who want to share language and culture through conversation. Each week small groups of learners and native speakers join together in verbal conversations to share, laugh and learn about a shared weekly theme.

It's totally free. It's fun. And it works! Join us and see for yourself!

Why did I create this group?

First, I wanted more conversation practice. Second, I needed it to be flexible and convenient for me. Third, I wanted to learn faster. I read that people learn more rapidly when they “just talk” and not worry about the grammar rules. The more you talk, the faster you become proficient. Turns out worrying about the grammar rules and thinking about the grammar rules just slows your progress!

So, I invited learners and native speakers to join me in weekly conversations. I figured the more people who got involved, the more flexible and likely to find others at the appropriate level. So far, it's been working out great! I have laughed with new friends from around the world, learned interesting new things, and have improved my spanish all at the same time!

Getting Started

First, you'll need to join wikispaces and this space Spanish Conversation. Then, everyone needs to register so we can contact you (sometimes we can't find you in skype, so email helps!). Next, read the frequently asked questions. It is important to read these because often people have questions about the operation of this group. Next, enjoy a conversation with one of the groups or start a new group of your own.

  1. Join - it's free. It is IMPORTANT to do the confirmation of your EMAIL!! (or you won't be able to edit)
  2. Then JOIN this space - spanish conversaton. You need to join and be approved BEFORE you can edit pages.
  3. Then, once you have completed above...Click here to register . Start here by telling us of your interest in spanish.
  4. Click here to read the frequently asked questions.
  5. Click here to join a group meeting.

Need help?

I understand that the technology to participate in this group can be somewhat overwhelming at first. I strongly encourage you to use the help that is already provided by the technology providers. For example, if you need help with editing these pages, please use the wikispaces help at the top of the page. If you have never edited a wiki before, perhaps you might first try on the practice page. If you need help with Skype, please see the help pages that are part of skype. Honestly, it really is quite fast and simple to use this stuff--I encourage you to give it try and see how easy it really is.

Where to post your questions/comments:
(It may seem confusing, but really you are just posting to the page that most relates.)
If you have general questions about this group, post your question on the FAQ page discussion tab. Someone will respond.
If you have a question regarding meetings (general question about meetings), post them on the Meeting page discussion tab.
If you have a question about a specific meeting --then post on the discussion page for THAT particular meeting.
If you have a question regarding homework in general, post it to the Homework page discussion tab.
If you have a specfic comments or questions about this weeks homework, post on the discussion tab of the specific homework page.
If you have a question regarding registration, please post it to the Registration page discussion tab.
Do NOT post any discussion on this page or the links page. Thanks.

Final Note

This site was created because we all have busy lives and Spanish practice can't always be a top priority. But, in order to improve, regular conversational practice is important. I wanted flexibility to practice spanish conversation when I had time (and not worry about wasted money from missed spanish lessons or spend time driving to local "conversation meetups" only to find only one other person there and worse, not at my level).

So, FLEXIBILITY really is the founding concept behind this group. The more people who join (and of course the more groups we have) the more likely we each can find time during a particular week to fit in spanish conversation and the more likely we can find groups at the right level. Since every group uses the same basic theme for the weekly conversation it doesn't matter if you miss your "regular" meeting, you can just join in with another group that week.

Finally, I encourage everyone to become an active member. I hope that you will provide warm encouragement to the others in your weekly meetings. I would love for you to share your experiences in this group and encourage others to join us. I hope that you'll consider submiting your ideas for the weekly homework. I hope that you will add to the links page resources that you have found helpful in your learning process. I hope that you will make suggestions for improvement. Most of all, I'd love for you to find the groups relaxed and fun and for you to rapidly improve as a result of joining weekly spanish conversations!

Your founding organizer,

Lisa Marshall Velasquez

- lismarvel lismarvel